Investment Philosophy

What makes us different?

Our investment philosophy is one that follows simple logic. We look to establish diversified portfolios that are built around Liquidity, Income and Growth. This however should not be misunderstood to mean that you are simply buying 10-12 different funds. Diversification to us is having the manager’s best 20 to 30 stocks/bonds in each segment or market. We look for diversification across asset classes, economies, and sectors. It is all too often we see portfolios that have a dozen funds with concentrated exposure to the same stocks and sectors. Investing in this manner tends to reflect the index and leaves little to no ability to outperform the market.

The Core (Liquidity)

The Core from which we build relies on established but conservative professionally managed funds. We are confident in the expertise of the private wealth management firms with which we deal. Their portfolios are designed to capture significant upside in times of market growth but are defensive enough to outperform in declining markets. This represent the liquidity portion of your portfolio.

Alternative Investments (Income and Growth)

Where suitable we look to alternative investments that will compliment your portfolio. Typically the investments can be categorized by Real Estate, Private Equity, and Alternative Income. These investments tend to take on income and growth characteristics with many of them being hybrids where they offer an income stream (paid to wait), with some participation in the upside should there be a profitable exit. Alternatives can certainly help your portfolio however it remains prudent to make sure this portion of your portfolio is adequately diversified. To learn more about alternative investment click here. To see a traditional portfolio compared to what we recommend, please see below.

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