Our Process

Getting to Know Each Other

Every relationship in business or personal life starts off with an introduction in some way or form. When we are referred a new client we look to the first meeting as a bit of an interview. We want people to be happy with their decision to work with us, and we have to be compatible from personality to overall philosophy.

If you are looking for big promises and aggressive strategies you will most likely not find us a good fit. We bring a very balanced approach to our work. The first meeting or two is all about establishing if we are a good fit for each other discussing your needs and possible solutions.

Understanding Your Financial Picture

We document your financial picture with a detailed “Know Your Client Form” or KYC where we gain an understanding of your sources of income, your assets and liabilities as well as your general understanding of financial markets. Through this process we identify our starting point to build a strategy unique to you.

Build Your Team

Quarry Wealth Management and their Private Wealth Advisors are the quarterback of your team. We utilize our knowledge and experience and help set realistic and obtainable goals for you to achieve. With our very broad shelf of products and services from leading insurers and wealth professionals we are able to navigate and develop solutions for the most demanding of clients.

Develop Your Action Plan

Once we have a good understanding of your financial position, goals and risk tolerance we create a plan of action recommending suitable investments, insurance and structures to help you achieve your individual goals.

Implement Your Plan

Implementation is often a multi-step process or as simple as changing a few funds to better suit your circumstances. In complex situations we will consult with your tax and legal advisors to ensure you have the best structure in place to grow your assets and to mitigate risk.
After all is said and done, the hardest part is building your asset base, we want to help you keep your assets but still earn respectable returns, capital preservation is extremely important to us.

Annual Review of Your Plan

Periodically all plans must be reviewed to ensure timely execution, relevance to market conditions and changing lifestyle needs. Communication is a two way street to ensure we are kept informed of your changing circumstances so we can update recommendations and adapt.