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Our investment philosophy is one that follows simple logic. Our financial advisors Calgary look to establish diversified portfolios that are built around Liquidity, Income and Growth. We believe that true portfolio diversification is achieved when 10 or more asset classes are selected.

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Financial Advisors Calgary

We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to financial planning so when we construct your financial plan, we take into consideration your unique and personal mix of investment, insurance, tax and estate requirements.

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Private Wealth

We have access to some of the largest private wealth management firms in the country. Private wealth management solutions provide our clients with an actively managed portfolio designed to meet your needs and risk tolerance.

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Applications for Canada Recovery Benefit now open!

The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) is now open for applications.

If you are eligible for the CRB, you can receive $1,000 ($900 after taxes withheld) for a 2-week period.

If your situation continues past 2 weeks, you will need to apply again. You may apply up to a total of 13 eligibility periods (26 weeks) between September 27, 2020 and September 25, 2021.

New Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy | Wage Subsidy extended | CEBA additional $20,000 loan

Great news for businesses! The new Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy will be available directly to business owners who need rent relief. The Wage Subsidy has been extended to June 2021. And the CEBA has been expanded to provide up to $20,000 interest-free loan.

Applications for Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit and Caregiving Benefit starts today!

Starting October 5, 2020, the Government of Canada will be accepting online applications for the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) and the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB).

About Us


Quarry Wealth Management’s Financial Advisors Calgary provide independent financial planning services to our clients. Russ Hafer and Sean Wilson hold both an exempt market registration through Raintree Financial Solutions as well as an insurance license and can therefore provide a significant variety of financial solutions to meet your needs. As independent advisors, we are able to source the investment and risk management options that are right for you.


My husband and I have worked with Quarry Wealth for many years, investing both personally as well as corporately. Prior to joining Quarry Wealth, we worked with various financial planners at the bank, even utilizing their high net worth planners, only to suffer considerable financial loss in the market. This left us frustrated and reluctant to invest.

We thought we had a diversified portfolio as the experts explained, however, through Quarry Wealth we now realize what diversified means. Not only have we invested in many types of opportunities over the years through Quarry, we also obtained Extended Heath Care and Travel coverages.

We invested slowly to start, building confidence, and Quarry Wealth now manages our entire portfolio both personally as well as corporately. The most important thing Quarry Wealth as given us is piece of mind. The returns on our investments have met our expectations, and the service from the entire Quarry Wealth Management team has been excellent.

We look forward to a good retirement with the portfolio and retirement plan Quarry Wealth has developed for us.

– Barb September 7, 2016

When it comes to investment advise there are loads of advisers out there that talk a good game, but Sean did what he said he would do; he remained fully engaged every step of the way to set us on the right path for managing my retirement nest egg. He disagreed with us when appropriate, enabled us, coached us and gave us the confidence and made us comfortable with the financial choices we made to move forward with our retirement.

Prior to working with Sean our single biggest challenge was the risk of working with a single advisor, with access only to vanilla retail investment options. Since working with Sean, we have gained access to the advantages of institutional investing with a more diverse portfolio, which includes alternative investments.

Since working with Sean, we have greater confidence that our retirement nest egg is managed well and with greater flexibility to produce more consistent returns and with less risk than portfolios that hold just stocks and bonds. For retirees like us who live off of our capital, this provides dependability of returns, and helps us sleep soundly at night.

– Brij September 13, 2016

Sean is an extremely knowledgeable financial professional. I had been investing in the market for years and dabbled in real estate, I had some luck, a lot bad and some good. I was looking for some additional ideas & opportunities. Sean has them.

What I respected about Sean right from the get go was he invested his own resources into what he was showing me. So I felt we were in “it” together. I am a tax accountant I don’t make financial decisions based on emotion or gut feel. I require detailed information to make a decision. Sean was able to answer my questions and provide me with the info. I needed to make an informed decision.

– Doug October 25, 2016

Sean has been a partner in helping us realize our retirement goal since 2009. My wife and I have always lived within our means and saved for the future but, our mutual fund investments were performing poorly and had high management fees. Sean introduced us to registered and non-registered investments that did not adversely increase our risk exposure while significantly increasing our returns.

As a result, we were able to re-evaluate our position and decided to chance semi-retirement five years sooner than anticipated! Our circumstances may be unique. However, if you decide to become involved with Sean one thing is certain, he will take the time to develop a genuine relationship with you and paint a complete picture of your life goals (not just your financial ones). Sean (and Russ) have assembled a professional and friendly staff that treat you like family and will leave you feeling confident in your decision to trust them with your future. Without reservation, we have encouraged our children, family and friends to contact Sean to build their futures.

-Charlene and Jeff September 19, 2016

Sean helps manage my father’s investments (father currently age 83) with me, his daughter.

Benefits include: -helping to consolidate and simplify his accounts/pull together and organize some “loose ends”. This helps with present and future management. -helped adjust his total portfolio to be less risky, which is in line with his age/potentially shorter time horizon – understands my father’s big-picture (including the assets that are not under his management, like real estate).

What I value most about dealing with Sean is that he has taken the time to get to know who my father is and genuinely cares about him. I believe Sean to be trustworthy.

He has integrity and cares about his clients, their interests and that they achieve their goals.

I would describe his service as ‘client-focused’, rather than a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. Thank you, Sean!

-Laurie P September 2, 2016

These Testimonials are from existing clients in their words and were written at our request but may not reflect the experiences of all clients

Retirement Income Planning


At Quarry Wealth Management, we understand that approaching retirement can be an exciting, yet stressful, time in one’s life. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest risks and concerns for people is running out of money in retirement. Rather than leaving these concerns to chance, we recommend implementing a formal retirement income plan to make sure you enter retirement with your eyes wide open, with realistic expectations.

We have created a 6-Step Retirement Income Planning Guide to provide you with important questions and topics to consider when starting to prepare your retirement plan. The guide is broken down into the six sections listed below: 1. Planning Your Retirement – How Much Income Will You Require? 2. Managing Your Living, Lifestyle, and Legacy 3. Your Retirement Income Sources 4. Top Five Considerations For Your Retirement Income Plan 5. Are You Really Diversified? 6. Your Financial Planners Recommendations



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