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What can I expect during my free financial consultation?

During the initial consultation you’ll receive answers to your most pressing financial questions from one of our Financial Advisors, Sean Wilson or Russ Hafer. We will then be able to provide you with a tailored solution that’s customized to your unique needs.


Review Current Financial Situation

We will begin by reviewing your current financial situation (current balance sheet).

Decrease your Debt

If applicable, we will look for opportunities to improve your debt situation.

Review Investment Portfolio

Review your risk tolerance, the diversification within your portfolio and suitability requirements.

Compare Current Portfolio to Target Retirement Goals

Determine if the goal is properly funded, if there is adequate savings and what amendments would be needed in order to reach the desired goals.

Review Risk Management

What insurance is currently built into you plan? What are the key risks that should be addressed (loss of income, critical illness, key man coverage in business, tax planning with whole life insurance)?

Your Will

Have you completed a Will? If not, we will set up a meeting to hold you accountable to this important task and walk you through all of the necessary steps.

Other Specific Requirements

If it has a number and you need help evaluating, we are here to provide assistance. This includes pension conversions, annuities, lease/finance etc.