Our Clients

Our clients at Quarry Wealth have accumulated their wealth in many different ways.

At Quarry Wealth, we work with wealthy retired couples, professionals (including physicians, dentists, engineers and accountants) business owners who are still building their wealth or who have successfully implemented a succession plan and high income earners who are saving a significant portion of their household income. Regardless of how our clients have accumulated their wealth, each one shares a few common goals.

  1. All of our clients have worked exceptionally hard to get to where they are today and preservation of their wealth is often their most important goal.
  2. Secondly, our clients understand that they don’t need to take on a disproportionate amount of risk to achieve their retirement and future wealth accumulation goals.
  3. Lastly, they want to earn a return net-of-fees that grows their wealth above the rate of inflation.
Testimonials from

Our Clients

These Testimonials are from existing clients in their words and were written at our request but may not reflect the experiences of all clients

“I’ve been working with Sean and Russ at Quarry Wealth for over 10 years! My comfort level with “investors” wasn’t the best as I’ve had a number of individuals and large banking institutions take advantage of my trust, believing they had my best interests in mind when it came to insurance, long term investments and savings for retirement. Sean and the team were exceptional in detailing my risk, investment comfort level and able to deliver returns better than expected on my portfolio. I trust Sean in his recommendations and look forward to our continuing success in the future.”

Carman Protz

March, 2021

“I have been Sean’s client for about a decade. He took my small nest egg and scattered investments and grew it into a big nest egg. Sean takes the time to explain his recommendations in detail and will whip out his calculator and forecast how it will grow. I am seven years from my planed retirement date, and I can honestly say it will happen. I highly recommend Quarry Wealth Management to anyone who wants to plan their retirement. They are willing to guide you over the decades to make sure you achieve your financial goals.”

Elliot Paterson

February 2021

“We have been clients of Quarry Wealth for over 5 years now. We choose Quarry for a number of reasons – personal and local connection, network in the investing field, product selection. It is great to be able to have all products (investments, insurance, other), with one advisor and also to ensure these products align with our wealth strategy. Thanks to Sean and Russ for their commitment to service and product selection and continuing to look for ways to improve their offerings and expand their network in the investment field.”

Erin Wagner

January 2021

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