What Makes us Different?

Client First Approach


We provide our clients with opportunities ranging from annuities to full discretionary accounts as well as alternative investments through Raintree Financial Solutions. All too often we see portfolios that lack a portfolio diversification strategy and expose clients to unacceptable levels of risk. Our investment philosophy is structured around diversification and preservation of capital.

We see ourselves as educators who arm you with the information required to make informed decisions. Finance is complicated and we have broad experience within our team of advisors and administrative staff to help you navigate these important decisions. Your questions are always welcome.

Portfolio Diversification Strategy

Our investment philosophy is one that follows simple logic. We look to establish diversified portfolios that are built around Liquidity, Income and Growth. We believe that a true portfolio diversification strategy is achieved when 10 or more asset classes are selected. Investing in multiple asset classes can provide the liquidity, income and growth required to achieve your goals. By utilizing a multi-manager approach with active rebalancing, we can lower portfolio risk by reducing exposure to any one asset class or manager. We strive to create portfolios that are diversified and balanced enough to meet your goals without taking on unnecessary risk.





The Core (Liquidity)

The core of the portfolios that we build are made up of established, conservatively managed liquid investment pools. Providers include industry giants like Manulife, Fidelity and top-tier pension style Private Wealth Managers. Their portfolios are designed to capture significant upside in times of market growth but are defensive enough to outperform in declining markets. This represent the liquidity portion of your portfolio.

Alternative Investments (Income and Growth)

Alternative investments are generally private securities that do not trade on a public stock exchange and can include real estate, high yield debt, mortgages and private equity.

Where suitable, we look to add alternative investments through Raintree Financial Solutions that will compliment your portfolio. Alternatives can help your portfolio achieve higher risk-adjusted returns, however it remains prudent to make sure this portion of your portfolio is adequately diversified.

To see a traditional portfolio compared to what we recommend, please see below.

How Can Quarry Wealth Help You?

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